Video wall configuratorCreate a massive screen


The Challenge

Samsung wants to help all businesses and consumers create a professional video wall.


The Solution


Samsung Video Walls are built to last. That’s why we have extended the warranty to 5 years. That’s 5 years of the best visual communication working for you.

Our Video Walls have a unique combination of 5 features that you won’t find anywhere else. Guaranteed.

With the Samsung video wall configurator, you can:

– Build your own custom Video Wall in AR
– Be inspired by other creative applications
– Carry Samsung LFD specifications anywhere you go
– Capture screenshots and share them with clients


Demo movie:


See for yourself!

The Samsung video wall planner is only available on android (of course).

You can download it here.


The intention of this app is to showcase retailers what the video wall will look like, in a lifesize format.
The app needs this A3 print to project the video wall in accurate measurements.

Print the marker


Just hang the print on the wall where you want your video wall to appear, hit the ‘project video wall’ button and check out the result.
An upgrade with markerless tracking is being discussed, but might not be released wince it is very important to project the accurate size of the video wall.

Screencap and full demo:



    • Intuitive, mobile first interface: seduce leftbrain and rightbrain driven clients
    • QR Code scanner:scan displays, brochures and quotes to load preconfigured pieces in the product configurator
    • Cloud-based product catalogue:always up to date, tap for technical specs
    • 3D product configurator/wall planner:customize and check the impact in high quality 3D
    • CPQ software: configure, price, quote – instant pricing for any variable!
    • Shopable inspiration pages
    • Try before you buy with augmented reality features:check if the size and design fits
    • Content marketing & community buildingthanks to save & share features
    • Quotes with QR codeto reload earlier designs
    • Favourite lists and shopping baskets
    • Lead generation mechanisms
    • Gamified sales process

The Result

samsung-ar-2-logo samsung-ar-logo