Shoe configuratorDesign your perfect pair of shoes

shoe configurator


The Challenge

Do you offer a stunning collection of shoes clients can customize to meet their dream? Than you have probably already noticed it isn’t easy to visualize all options and variations!

Clients want to see what they are buying, so we must find a way to show them the result of their choices!

The Solution

A 3D product configurator solves this problem in a jiffy!

Clients can tap on each adaptable part of the shoe and see all options to choose from. When a choice is made, the 3D model of the shoe is adapted immediately, giving clients a visual confirmation of their choice!

It is even possible to let them try on their shoes in augmented reality! Aim the camera of you mobile device at your feet and your shoes appear magically on your feet!



It’s possible to:

#1 Load in a shoe model using a QR scanner

#2 Find inspiration in a portfolio of photos

#3 Choose a shoe model from the always up to date, cloud-based product catalogue

#3 Give technical information and specifications

#4 Give a pricing indication

#5 Generate hot leads

#6 Try on your new pair of shoes in augmented reality

#7 Capture screenshots and share them with family & friends!


Don’t miss the augmented reality revolution!