Kitchen plannerThe ultimate kitchen creator

Kitchen planner


The Challenge

If you offer a stunning collection of kitchens to your clients, you probably already noticed it isn’t easy to visualize all options and variations!

Making 3D plans is time consuming for your sales team, and you’re not really sure it’s worth your while in the beginning stages of the sales process!

There should be a way of simplifying this process, right?

kitchen planner

The Solution


Our 3D product configurator is the ultimate kitchen planner! It’s so easy to use, your customers can design their own dream kitchen in no time!

What about visualizing their newly created kitchen in their own space? With the use of augmented reality technology, clients can view the end result of their configuration through the camera feed of their mobile device!

It’s possible to:

#1 Build your own dream kitchen

#2 Find inspiration in earlier realizations or inspirational images

#3 Give technical information and specifications

#4 Give a pricing indication

#5 Generate hot leads

#6 Try out your kitchen in your own space using augmented reality

#7 Capture screenshots and share them with family & friends!


Don’t miss the augmented reality revolution!