Help your marketing and sales teams improve productivity using mobile devices such as tablets. Use a mobile sales enablement strategy to turn these devices into powerful tools to help grow your business.


1.  Straight to the pocket


Mobile devices, such as tablets, are growing more popular amongst sales and marketing teams in every industry.

They are light, easily transportable and switched on in an instant. Easy to see why tablets are becoming the number 1 tool for any B2B sales rep.

In a B2C environment, more and more purchases are made on a mobile device. 70% of Millennials buy products using their favorite apps. (source)

They loooove the convenience of apps that remember their contact details, purchases and interests. They research products on social media, compare and discuss them with friends and simply place the order.

Don’t miss out on this growing customer group!


2.  Always updated


66% of companies reporting complete alignment between sales and marketing made their revenue goals– App Data Room Research


Sometimes your marketing and sales teams are working on different speeds. But you want your customers to see your latest product updates and branding efforts.

A mobile app is the ultimate on-the-go sales tool that guarantees your entire ecosystem enjoys the latest updates, all the time.


World of Waw - stay in the




It’s hard to keep everyone in the loop.





3.  Personal marketing on speed


A mobile app is very very smart. Whatever your users do, whomever they interact with, your app knows all about it. So why would not turn that data into a streamlined conversation?

Design a smart mobile marketing script that turns your app into your most reliable sales enabler. Telling your customer exactly what he needs to hear, every step of the way.

For example: You have a bed configurator that allows your customer to place an order. Every three months, your client gets an alert it’s time to turn his or her matrass sideways or upside down.

Every 6 months he or she gets an offer on light (summer) or cosy (winter) bedding.

And when he or she starts surfing baby names, it’s time to promote your cribs and baby collection.

You don’t have to do anything. Your app does all the talking for you, and it learns more about your clients with every click.


let someone do the working for you



Sometimes, it’s ok to let someone else do the working for you. :)





4.  Faster sales


23% more companies met team sales quotas when employing a mobile sales strategy– App Data Room Research


Don’t take our word for it. Just listen what the experts have to say!


 “You can’t create more hours in a day, but you can reduce the amount of time salespeople spend doing administrative work and creating sales materials. For most company’s, that’s at least 40% of every rep’s time, which is 16 hours a week. By investing in sales enablement, you can cut that down to 20%. You’ve given each rep another day in every week.”
– Jeff Ernst in New Rules of Sales Enablement.


How much prospects can your sales team reach out to in one more day a week? Imagine they could increase that number with 25%. You would be rich! Rich! :)


laat de competitie achter je



See a shortcut? Take it!




5.   Improved customer’s buying experience


Make client interactions more productive. Organizations report a 60% increase in customer satisfaction when using a mobile device. Even more so when the application makes purchasing fun. There are several ways to achieve this goal.

Gamification is the science of implementing game elements in ‘serious’ applications to enhance user experience and build a stronger engagement with users.

Games often consist of repetitive tasks you usually would not enjoy. But somehow, games can make those ‘tasks’ fun and even addictive.

We can learn from game developers to copy the gamification principles into our own business processes and applications.

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Delight your customers. Always!







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